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Firefighter Statues and Trophies

Firefighter of the year awards and other unique Fire service awards. Featuring our beautiful mounted Speaking Trumpets, axe plaques, trophies and medals. We also carry a full line of Firefighter Statues and display items. If you are with a department and a need Commendation Bars, you have come to the right place. is the one stop shop for all Firefighter Award needs. We also offer FREE SHIPPING!

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Large Mounted Brass Speaking Trumpet - Unengraved
Our Price:Price:$169.95
VIP Price:$152.96
Large Brass Speaking Trumpet
Our Price:Price:$84.95
VIP Price:$76.46
Pike Pole Award - Bronze
Our Price:Price:$274.95
Firefighter Achievement Frame
Our Price:Price:$44.95
VIP Price:$40.46
Maltese Cross Pocket Watch
Our Price:Price:$19.95
VIP Price:$17.96
Classic Maltese Axe - Custom
Our Price:Price:$375.95
Challenge Coin Presentation Box 39mm
Our Price:Price:$4.95
VIP Price:$4.46
Challenge Coin Display Rack - Large
Our Price:Price:$79.95
VIP Price:$71.96
16 inch Fire Hydrant Statue
Our Price:Price:$79.95
VIP Price:$71.96
To Serve Protect  Clock
Our Price:Price:$116.96
VIP Price:$105.26
The Bravest Firefighter Plaque
Our Price:Price:$89.95
VIP Price:$80.96
EMS Challenge Coin
Our Price:Price:$9.95
VIP Price:$8.96
Firefighters Head Quartz Clock
Our Price:Price:$149.95
VIP Price:$134.96
Fire Truck Pocket Watch
Our Price:Price:$19.95
VIP Price:$17.96
Firefighter and Child Rescue Statue
Our Price:Price:$39.95
VIP Price:$35.96
Firefighter in Mask Challenge Coin
Our Price:Price:$9.95
VIP Price:$8.96
Fire Chief with Maltese Challenge Coin - Gold
Our Price:Price:$10.49
VIP Price:$9.44
Maltese Cross Wreath Engravable Challenge Coin
Our Price:Price:$99.99
VIP Price:$89.99
Mini Pewter Speaking Trumpet
Our Price:Price:$94.95
VIP Price:$85.46
Challenge Coin Display Rack
Our Price:Price:$29.95
VIP Price:$26.96
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