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Personal Vehicle LED Dash Light

Item#: PRCDL12
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Personal Vehicle LED Dash Light
The PowerArc DL12 and XM12 are personal warninglights derived from the innovative M90. Though intended for private vehicle use, the construction, the durability and the performance are still that of a fire truck light.

Whether suction cup, bail, or hood lip mounted, both the DL12 and the XM12 are designed for interior or exterior mounting. The only difference is the bracket choice.Both lights come with a switch integrated cigarette plug and 8’ power cord. The XM12 has an additional 8’ of cord with a mid-line quick disconnect for a clean installation through the fire wall while maintaining use of the switch.

The DL12 & XM12 can also be used as grille lights, deck lights, bumper lights, or roof lights. In many situations these lights can also be used for NFPA compliance.

When suction cup mounting on glass, flashback is not a concern with the revolutionary DL12 Flex-shieldTM. Combining aesthetics and functionality, the FlexshieldTM can be trimmed by the user to fit the slope of almost any windshield. With the shield in place, thevacuum metallized mirrors capture the side signal and reflect it back to the other side providing awesome 900 intersection light.

The XM12 is recommended when dashboardspace is limited or to ensure no flashback.The light may be mounted on the rear hoodor trunk lip of the vehicle with a non-marring,non-destructive bracket held on with setscrews. The bracket is fully adjustable formost hoods and slopes.

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