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The Affiliate Program
Welcome to the Affiliate program, where you can earn up to 10% commission simply for linking to from your website.

Do you have a firefighter, paramedic or police web site? Then this is your chance to partner with the biggest superstore in Police, Paramedic and Firefighting. The Affiliate program is FREE and easy to join so you can start earning money the easy way! And now you can earn commission on all stores: Firefighter, EMT and Police.
  • How to Join
  • Information & Program Overview
  • Our Rules
  • About Commission Junction

    How to Join

  • Apply to become an Affiliate at Commission Junction.
  • Once your application has been approved simply place the links and graphics (we supply you with these, they can be found when you login to your Commission Junction account) on your site.
  • Wait for visitors to your site to click through the supplied links and buy firefighter, EMT or police gear at
  • You then earn up to 10% of each sale you supplied - the higher your monthly sales the more commission you earn.
  • No tricks here: The lowest commission you'll earn is 8% and with a 45 day cookie duration you have over a month for your referrer to complete their sale!
  • It's free to join. Click here to get started.

    Information & Program Overview
    Affiliate Marketing is a popular method of promoting e-commerce. An affiliate (you) receives a commission for generating a sale for an advertiser (us). The advertiser provides its ads to affiliates and assigns a commission (8 - 10%) for each sale. Affiliates place the tracking code for these ads on their Web sites, in their email campaigns, or in search listings. Whenever a visitor uses these links to generate a sale on the advertiser site, that transaction is tracked online. If a product is purchased, the customer pays the advertiser directly, and the affiliate is paid a commission from CJ (Commission Junction) for that transaction. Visit CJ's FAQ for more information.

    8 - 10% Commission. Whenever anyone at your site clicks on our banner, a cookie containing your unique account ID tags the user for the next 45 days. If this visitor places an order at any time within this 45 days we will pay you 8-10% of the purchase price- and you'll get paid monthly. On an average sale of $100.00, that's a quick and easy $10.00!

    Work With The Leader In Firefighting E-Commerce. Since 1981, has become the Internet's largest firefighter, EMT and Police gift store. With 1000's of products in-stock for the avid firefighter, EMT or police officer, your users are sure to find what they want. We represent every major manufacture, stock a deep inventory, and ship worldwide. Best of all, backs all purchases with a 30 day, satisfaction guarantee policy! It's Free, Easy and all you need to do is Apply Now so you can start earning commissions today! You'll be set up within a few minutes by following the easy directions. We look forward to having you on the team!


  • Affiliates can be businesses or individuals. However, when you register with Commission Junction you will be required to enter your Tax ID number (for businesses) or Social Security Number (for individuals).
  • Your website must be functional and content-rich.
  • See Our Rules for more information.

    Our Rules
    Content & Advertising Affiliates should have functional and content-rich sites. Email marketing must targeted to a voluntary list, never a purchased list. Affiliates may use content supplied by exclusively to promote, but never other companies. Branding
    Affiliates may not represent themselves as or as a dealer of brands we carry. Affiliate names and URLs must not contain or any misspellings or variations.

    PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising
    PPC Advertising is allowed, however, affiliates must land the users on their site, not directly to the site or re-directed to the site. The display URL of the PCC ad may not be or any variation. If you have any questions about our keyword bidding policy please contact Nick Bennett at
    Protected Keywords: Affiliates may not bid on terms including: OurDesigns and
    Recommended Keywords: Firefighter gifts, firefighter awards, paramedic gifts, police gifts, police awards, EMT awards and gifts, etc.

    About Commission Junction
    Unlike other Affiliate programs, ours uses an independent third party tracking system. The name of this program is Commission Junction. Commission Junction ( is a respected industry leader that has a state of the art tracking system. 100% of your results are monitored. This information is accessible to you 24 hours a day through this trusted third party's web-site. You will be given a special password to view all of your activity. Commission Junction is the most reliable and accurate 3rd party tracking system online.

    Some features you can expect:

  • Real-time, Web-based tracking through CJ
  • Real-time access to clicks, sales, earnings per click etc.
  • Detailed reporting - save daily, monthly or custom reports in Excel or CSV formats

    We look forward to working with you,
    The Team