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Cairns Cushion Liner without Earlaps

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Cairns cushion liner without earlaps for all leather helmet models as well as old aluminum Senators!

Medium is 25-1/4 in length.

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Described very well!


Product was as expected. Have difficulty installing without suggested procedures.


"Do you carry these in a large?"

No cairns doesn't offer this in large, this was intended for the older leather N5A and the tin Senator helmets. if you have one of those you are going to have a difficult time removing the old brass ring the keeps this in place.

"What size would fit my new yorker N5A? My helmet is a medium."

My guess would be the medium

"After installing this on My Cairns N5A will my helmet still be NFPA approved?"

A N5A NY helmet will never be a NFPA approved no matter what you do to it, it will only be OSHA forever and ever.

"Will this fit a large"

How about you use a L5R with nomex ear flaps for LARGE ONLY

"is the forehead material leather or synthetic? Also is an adhesive used to install it into the old aluminum senator helmet? also is the diameter mentioned in product described inside or outside?"

I think you will find that it is synthetic. There isn't anyone at MSA/Cairns that was there when the Senator Tins were being made, and no one knows if there was an adhesive used They don't mention anything about diameter, they say length, which is laying it flat and measuring it. I do remember that Cairns asked that when your helmet needed new earflaps that you return it to them to have it done, removing and installing this took a special tool to get it installed correctly. There's a brass looking ring that has to be just right when you install the new ear flaps, the same ring that makes it hard to get the old ear flaps out. Hope this has answered your question, sorry it took so long but we were searching for some answers.

"Are you ever going to have the large liner?"

If you want a large call our call center and ask them to order you a P/N L101-L, they can help you with that

"Does anyone know the best way to install on a Senator? If so what size did you buy to install?"

CJ, I have a Senator sitting on my desk, and I don't have a clue on how you do this. I do know if we were talking about a leather helmet, MSA would recommend you send the helmet back to them and let them do the install. They have the tools to remove and install, a lot faster than you or I could. We will give you MSA number to call and talk to a customer service person (877) 672-3473.

"It lists the small and medium sizes but not the large. How big is the large and what are the corresponding hat sizes?"

The part numbers are as follows; MSA-L101-S =SMALL MSA-L101-M =MEDIUM MSA-L101-L = LARGE WE SHOW A 21 1/8"" DIAMETER TO 24 1/8"" AS A MEDIUM 24 1/4"" DIAMETER TO 25 1/4"" A LARGE

"I don't see any suspension system with this liner, is that something I need to buy separate? I am trying to restore an old Cairns 5A"

Suspension systems don't come in liners, but rather riveted into the shell of the leather helmet. Prior to the 50's I don't believe the 5As had a suspension system.