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EMI CPR Lifekey



Prepare yourself to act swiftly in life-saving situations with the EMI CPR Lifekey™. Engineered for effectiveness and convenience, this compact device ensures you're always ready to perform CPR when every second counts.

At the heart of the CPR Lifekey™ is the lightweight, transparent, and flexible CPR Lifeshield™. Featuring a positive one-way breathing tube, it facilitates proper airflow during CPR administration, ensuring optimal outcomes for the patient.

Compact and portable, the CPR Lifekey™ comes housed in a sleek black nylon case, complete with a swivel eye-snap hook. Attach it easily to your keychain or belt loop, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it most. With dimensions of 3" L x 2" W, it's designed for easy carry without adding unnecessary bulk.

Be prepared to make a difference in critical moments with the EMI CPR Lifekey™. Equip yourself with this essential tool and empower yourself to save lives wherever you go.

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