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EMI Thermal Mylar Rescue Blanket

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When you're faced with emergencies, every decision matters, especially when it comes to keeping yourself and those you serve safe and warm. The EMI Thermal Mylar Rescue Blanket is a reliable companion designed to shield against shock, hypothermia, and various disaster scenarios.

Crafted from advanced aluminized material, this blanket reflects an impressive 90% of body heat, ensuring essential warmth in critical moments. Its versatility knows no bounds—it's flexible, weatherproof, and exceptionally compact. Measuring at approximately 52" x 84" when unfolded, it offers ample coverage without adding unnecessary bulk.

Whether it's stowed away in fanny packs, holsters, or shirt pockets, this blanket is always within reach, ready to provide crucial support when the situation demands it most.

Key Features:

  • Reflects 90% of Body Heat: Engineered with aluminized material for maximum heat retention.
  • Versatile and Compact: Easily fits into fanny packs, holsters, and shirt pockets for quick access.
  • Weatherproof Design: Provides protection against the elements in any environment.
  • Ample Size: Unfolded dimensions of approximately 52" x 84" for comprehensive coverage.

Don't leave your safety to chance. Equip yourself with the Thermal Mylar Rescue Blanket and ensure you're prepared for whatever challenges come your way. Stay warm, stay safe.

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