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Edge Beading Only , Secures Around Brim Of Helmet

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Secures Around Brim Of Helmet.

Note:  This will not fit the Cairns 880

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"need to replace edge beading on a Cairns 1010 helmet. What is the price for this? product code is M-5P"

you will need to know what color your beading is white or black? Black is $20.99 and white is $21.49

"hello i was curious how long this product is ill be using it for a custom antique helmet i have one that is 3' long and im about 7.5"" short so ill be needing a piece about 43.5"" long ant information will help thank you"

we don't have anything that long, if you tell me who made the helmet we might be able to help you, you're going to have to send me another e mail """" and we will try to help you.

"The metal holder (shown in picture)does not come with the edge bead???"

if you received a part number M5P, you should have gotten the d ring with the edge bead, they are packaged as 1 item. If you did not receive this return what you were sent to us with the blue return form filled out, as to what your missing and we will resend you a new M5P, put a note in or make a note on the blue form atten. Janet per Butch.

"Will this edging fit onto the brim of a N5A to prevent damage? I know it will work for other than the leather helmets; simply asking can it be used on the leather helmet brims. Thanks."

Billy, no this will not work on the leather (N5A), there are other manufacturers of leather helmets and it might fit one of those, but not the N5A.

"The supplied D-Ring...when attaching it to the helmet, is it fastened with a rivet? Or is it a screw type? I couldn't quite tell from the picture. Thank you."

John, it's a pop rivet


JC, this is not made out of rubber, it is flexible, and most likely has a rubber base to it but it's not 100% made of rubber

"does this come with a removal tool for the hook on the back? If not how do you remove the old one from the helmet"

Eric, use a drill motor, you get a new hook and pop rivet with this

"Will this fit a Cairns 880? How long is it?"

The 880 helmet uses this part number; MSA-10049832 Black, or MSA-10049831 White

"Do you need glue or something to hold the edge beading to the helmet?? If so what kind?? And does it come with a d-ring??"

Mike, no glue is needed, you get a new hanging hook with a pop rivet, fit your ends under the hook and reattach.

"will this fit a morning pride HDO-lite force plus"

No it will not, MSA/Cairns helmets only

"Will this product fit on the cairns 1044? Just checking before I buy it."

Yes, will fit your 1044 helmet

"Hello, Will this product work on a 1010 helmet? Thank you."

Yes, will fit your 1010 helmet, all of the MSA/Cairns helmets EXCEPT the 880 models.

"Is this bead the braided like metal covered in either rubber or silicon?"

Joe, it's the same as the style that came on the helmet, but it will not fit on the Cairns 880 helmet.

"Will it fit around a Ben II"

Cody, no this is for a MSA/Cairns helmets only. You need a a P/N HR-EBKIT for a Honeywell Ben II helmet.

"will this fit cairns ctrd 10?"

We are not real sure what you are asking us but if you want to know if this will fit a 1010 Cairns/MSA helmet the answer is yes,

"Will this fit a Bullard UST helmet?"

Wade, this item is made by MSA/Cairns and is listed for the MSA helmets, there is no mention of fitting a Bullard helmet anywhere. We have never sold this as a replacement for the Bullard edging, it might work or not. It's up to you to decide if you want to try it. FYI Bullard does not show or list a replacement for their helmets edging.

"Will this product fit the Cairns 910 helmet? If not, can you provide assistance locating the proper one?"

Do not know what a ""910"" helmet is, would have to see a picture (Blow-Up), also not made for the Honeywell helmets.