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GloWedge Multi Purpose, High-Visibility Wedge, 2-Pack



Control the Door—with this simple must-have tool.

GloWedge prevents hoselines from being caught under a door, aids in the ventilation of fire gases and smoke, and helps keep firefighters from becoming trapped. This uniquely designed tool prevents a door from closing on a fire hose and pinching off the water supply, or shutting and locking you in. 

GloWedge shows you the door. With one quick exposure to a bright flashlight, GloWedge remains visible—preventing trips and falls, and serving as an exit indicator even in dark smoke-laden environments. It can help firefighters conducting an aggressive search or advancing a hoseline to quickly identify the exact location of the doorway through which they entered. 

Easy to use in any door
GloWedge is designed to work easily and effectively on many different types of doors. The various notches allow it to stay firmly in place by maintaining a positive connection in the jamb, even if the door is bumped repeatedly by firefighters or equipment going in and out. GloWedge can be inserted in the jamb above a hinge, placed over the top of the door, or wedged under the door like any traditional doorstop. It even works on screen doors or storm doors with piano hinges.


Molded and manufactured in the United States

Durable. Versatile. Designed to Carry.

GloWedge is engineered to be used over and over. It won't rot or fall apart like wooden wedges, or crush under the weight of a heavy door. Its small size and light weight makes it easy to carry several in a turnout pocket or attached to a helmet. And because it glows by itself, a GloWedge or two strapped to helmet will be exposed to enough light to provide the firefighter an extra measure of visibility in a situation where suddenly there is not enough light to see reflective trim.


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Product can be seen with thermal imaging camera


This product leaves a heat signature for a TI camera


"Can this wedge be used as a sprinkler stop?"

Hawk, I think you can, but you will need 2 of these and come in from each side of the sprinkler head.

"What are the dimensions?"

Chief, Dimensions H 1 1/2"" x W 1 1/2"" x L 4 1/8""