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Globe Men's 10" Quad-Certified Boot



The most comfortable boots you will ever wear.

MADE IN THE USA FROM THE BEST COMPONENTS IN THE WORLD. Technology comes to the rescue when you wear Globe Technical FootGear. Built with our unique athletic footwear construction for remarkable flexibility, TECHNICAL is quad-certified to be the perfect complement to your Structural Boots.

And the exclusive PORON® XRD™ metatarsal guard provides impact protection that you will hardley even feel as your wear your boots.

Meets or exceeds the following ANSI standards (part of the NFPA 1951 standard): ANSI Z41.1, ASTM F2412, ASTM F2413.

NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue), NFPA 1977 (Wildland), NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash), and NFPA 1999 (Emergency Medical) compliant.

1. Flame-Resistant, Water-Resistant, Heavy Duty Leather: Specially softened tumbled leather in high-flex areas to move with you.
2. GORE® CROSSTECH® Footwear Fabric: A full-height bootie liner made from a package of Omaha lining fabric, 300g insulation, and GORE®CROSSTECH® moisture barrier provides protection unmatched by any other waterproof, breathable barrier.
3. QuickZip Closure: The advantages of a lace up for a custom fit and the convenience of a zipper.
4. Metatarsal Guard: Additional protection for the bones extending back from your toes over the instep is provided by a flexible, lightweight, molded PORON® XRD™ impact-resistant foam you’ll hardly even feel.
5. Composite Heel Counter: Individually molded to fit each size perfectly.
6. Composite Safety Toe Cap: Lighter than steel, doesn’t transmit heat or cold, and exceeds NFPA standards for safety.
7. VIBRAM® Toe Bumper: Made from the same rugged compound as the outsole for abrasion resistance when crawling.
8. Dual-Density Enhanced 3D Molded Footbed System: Removable dual-density footbeds are contoured to cradle and cushion the bottom of your feet and to provide arch support. Urethane foam bottom layer provides durable cushioning while a micro-cellular open-cell foam top layer delivers cool, all-day comfort.

Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric top pulls moisture away from your feet. An additional set of polymer inserts are provided to install under the footbeds when a snugger fit is desired.
9. 3D Composite Lasting Board: Molded, contoured, and lasted to boot uppers with a built-in flex zone in the forefoot and a torsionally stable heel. Works together with the 3D molded footbed to conform to the shape of your foot.
10. Composite Shank: Lighter than steel, doesn’t transmit heat or cold, springs back to shape better.
11. Composite Puncture Protection: Far more flexible than a steel plate and doesn’t transmit heat or cold. Exceeds NFPA standards.
12. VIBRAM® Contoured Cup Outsole: Molded outsole wraps onto the leather upper for athletic shoe performance. Flame, abrasion, oil, acid and slip-resistant compound engineered for high traction and durability even during prolonged exposure to extremes of heat and cold.
13. Athletic Footwear Construction: 2-part cross-linking adhesive bonds outsoles to the upper. Without stiff welts and ribbed mid-soles, this attachment process is far more flexible.
14. Slip-Resistant Tread: Siping – thin slits cut into flat areas across the sole – opens up when flexed to provide additional traction on water and ice. Self-cleaning lugs and omni-direction tread pattern designed for superior performance in all terrains and when working on ladders. Optional VIBRAM® ARCTIC GRIP outsoles are available for even better slip resistance on wet ice.

All Globe Boots include Snug Fit Inserts to customize your comfort level. Use this thicker insert for a snugger fit or when wearing with lighter socks.


Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews

Best ever


I bought these boot's a week ago and I have been wearing them everyday. My feet have quite hurting and I can stand and jump off the engine all day long with out an issue. I also have problems with my ankles and they add a great deal of support for my ankles. Even with how heavy they are my feet don't sweat near as bad as they did with my plain leather boots. I will be buying these again.

High Quality


This boots are bigger then most people are a custom to but they are worth it but if you have a wide foot order wide and at least 1/2 size bigger most of my boot i have bought in the past have only lasted me 1 to 2 years and if these last me 4 to 5 years like i think they will they are worth every penny globe is top quality and these boots are no diffrent

Superstorm Sandy Deployment


Currently wearing these boots on US&R deployment for Sandy. Very comfortable with no feet issues after walking for 8 hours per day for 3 days.

On the fence


This is a well made boot, but has some drawbacks. The original soles that came with it killed my feet, so I had to swap it out for a different brand. The boots look good, but for EMS they are really to big. I wear a size 11.5"" Wide, and people have called them ""firefighter boots"" or ""moon boots"". I had high hopes for these boots because of the very comfortable globe structure boot. Sadly their structure boots are more comfortable than these. Now they are new, they still have a lot of breaking in to do, but some things cannot be chanced like size and weight. They would work great for Fire Personell, rescues, grass fires, etc. The weight of the boot is like wearing a standard steel toe workboot. Luckily I wear those on my days off so it works out. I would probably send these back, but I don't want to mess with the shipping back etc. So I will give them a chance and hope they become more comfortable. They are made of high quality. Another thing I would like to see a side zipper, the zipper in the shoe lace is not my thing.

Your feet will thank you every time!!!


Although these boots are a little on the heavy side, they are constructed really well. They come with two sets of insoles, one set is regular and the other a bit thicker if you need a more snug fit (which is what I opted for which gave my feet a little more stability). So far these boots have held up to some mileage and I banged them around pretty good with no major issues to report. They breath very well and my feet feel great even after wearing and working in them for 12+ hours.

Very comfortable boot. So Far I love em


I bought these for use in wildland fighting

Great Boot for All Standards


Great for Wildland, Tech Rescue, and Extrication/EMS. I would recommend NOT using the quick zips for wildland. You will get a better fit.

Possibly the Best boot on the market!!!!


I have had these boots about 3 Yrs now. I have used them for every application that they are ment for and they have preformed in flawless fashion. The price is high but the longevity and durability of this boot is above every other boot out there. So the high price evens it out. Also this boot gives you the confidence to do your job efficiently without worrying about the possible hazards you may encounter. GLOBE=MASTERCLASS!!!!!!




Best boots ever made


These have to be the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. I have had them for approximately 3 years and have been in them almost everyday and only after 3 years am I starting to wear a hole in the sole. Everything else on the boot has held up aside from one of the zippers coming apart but that was quickly replaced by globe with no expense to me. Great boots. The price has basically worked out to be way less than what I would normally spend on boots per year. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great boot.

awesome boots!


the boots fit great! they make good boots for EMS calls or just about anything. very good foot protection

Worth your investment


Great fit. Light and Breathable. Expensive but when you wear them you will understand why. Significant difference from a $250 pair of boots. I am skeptical thought as to how long it will be before having to replace them. Due to the nature of my work I have to spend $250 plus on a new pair or get them resoled every 1 or 2 years. Although, if you work on your feet every day, I highly recommend.



Held strong for the 2015 Alberta WF season ( Already clocked over 50 fires on them in some very thick bush. A bit pricey yes, but the quality exceeds price. You'll laugh when the crew talks about wet socks and your bone dry in your 'running shoe' feeling boots. Plus when you live in them, id pay this price for the comfort and durability anyway. Taking on the 2016 season soon. They got some black on them, but they look untouched lol.

Great Wildland Boot


Been wearing these boots since 2016. Worked two fire seasons on a hand crew in all sorts of terrain and with intense fire behavior. These boots will hold up through it all! Sadly the stitching on the top, outside of the right boot blew out but that is negligible when considering how great these boots really are. I'm getting another pair!


"good morning, made shipments to Chile?"

Hello Oscar, to ship to Chile you simply need to select the international checkout button on the shopping cart page of our website.

"How much do they weigh?"

A 10.5 Medium boot weighs approx. 15.9 oz.

"How tall are these boots?"

Globe FootGear: 10"" Quad-Certified Technical Rescue, Wildland, EMS, Liquid Splash Zipper Speed Lace Boot, NFPA

"Are the sizes listed for men and women?"

This is just for men's sizes. Most of the other structural styles and women's sizes.

"Would these boots comply with CSA Standards and can be worn at a worksite, say an oil refinery.. Do they have the Ohms Stamp and Such?"

Jess we have no idea what CSA standards are, Ohms stamp

"will the metatarsal guards in these boots meet ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 MT EH PR standards?"

Jesse, I didn't have a clue as to what you were talking about so i contacted Globe, below is their answer back, i copied and posted it here for you; Our technical rescue boots are tested against ASTM 2413, Performance Requirements for Protective (Safety) Toe Cap Footwear 2011 requirements for impact, compression, metatarsal and puncture resistance, with the exception that flex resistance to cracking is not evaluated in the NPA requirement. This is a change with the 2013 edition of NFPA 1951; prior to this edition, the 2007 NFPA standard has its own test for metatarsal protection which was replaced with the ASTM method cited here. this is word for word from Globe hope it answers your question.

"Hello, I have a little doubt, usually I have a medium size in some brands but I have to use a wide size, I wonder if there is some data on the width of the shoe in both sizes (medium size and wide size) or have any size chart to decide which size to order, thank you very much for the help and attention."

Derek, Did you read up on these boots that we have shown on our web site? Your going to have to decide what you need, the boots are made to fit like an athletic shoe, that would be the size to use.Are you wearing a boot now, what is the width your wearing now, that's also what I would stay with.

"I wear a 10.5 shoe regularly. However, I have two pairs of globe turnout boots. 1 is 10.5 medium, the other is 11 wide. What size boot would you suggest? Do you have returns if the sizing is wrong?"

Hi, we have a question as to why the 2 different sizes boots, you have a half size larger and wider than the 10.5 D boot. Does 1 size fit or feel better than the other? As far as returning for exchanging due to sizing that should not be a problem; as long as they are clean, show no wearing outside on the pavement on the soles(for fitting purposes wear on the carpet only) make sure the soles are clean, and within a short period of time, don't wait 2 weeks and decide to send them back.

"what is the cold rating on these boots ill be working in -20 to -40 weather are these boots rated for that extreme cold"

We don't know what the cold rating is for these boots, but your talking about extreme cold weather, we don't think they are made for that type of cold weather.


When we checked with the people at Globe they told us that to meet the NFPA 1951 Tech Rescue standard this boot also must meet all of the ANSI standards you have asked us in your question, so yes is your answer.

"Do these boots have an Electrical Hazard (EH) rating?"

Sorry they do not have this rating.

"Are these boots viable as station boots?, They won't take too long to get off?"

Hi Squirt, we think you will love these boots, we have gotten nothing but great reviews about them, also should not be a problem removing them either

"if I order these and they don't fit can I send them back and get a different size?"

Boots can be exchanged for a different size as long as they were not used and free of any wear or tear. Please call Customer Service at 800-852-6088 to discuss or exchange process.

"Are these boots black or brown?"