HexArmor EXT Rescue 4011 Extrication Glove

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Above all else, an extrication glove must be tough. 

Built to last through countless difficult missions, the EXT Rescue™ 4011 is the strongest, most dependable rescue safety glove available.  HexArmor has armed this glove with their improved IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ and an ISEA Level 5 cut-resistant palm, reinforced with their proprietary TP-X® technology for added durability and grip.

They also double-stitched all exterior and interior seams and added a 2.5” Airprene™ VELCRO® brand® cuff, so this glove fits as well as it lasts.  The EXT Rescue™ 4011 is the HexArmor® commitment to the rugged vigilance of our first responders.  HexArmor® knows that you will never give up, and neither should your glove.
  • SuperFabric® brand material palm provides ISEA Level 5 cut resistance and maintains the highest level of protection available in the industry. (Interior layer)
  • Durable TP-X® palm reinforcement utilizes the highest-level of abrasion resistance while maintaining an oil-resistant grip. (Exterior layer)
  • Full Impact Exoskeleton™ with high-performance IR-X® smash guards provides greater impact protection than the leading competitor.
  • Printed PVC synthetic leather palm provides reliable grip in dry or light oil situations.
  • Exterior and interior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread, adding further durability and longevity.
  • Reinforced index finger and thumb saddle extends glove life.
  • Breathable Airprene™ VELCRO® brand® cuff secures fit and improves comfort.
  • Hi-Vis color scheme increases visual awareness.
  • Machine washable.


Measure Hand
Using a string or measuring tape, measure the circumference around the kunckles, excluding the thumb. Your hand should be open with the fingers together. Compare this measurement to the chart below to determine your glove size.
5 - 6"
12 - 15 cm
7 - 7.5"
18 - 19 cm
7.5 - 8"
20 - 21.5 cm
8 - 8.5"
20 - 21.5 cm
8.5 - 9"
21.5 - 23 cm
9 - 10"
23 - 25 cm
10 - 11"
25 - 28 cm
11 - 12"
28 - 30 cm

Downloadable Sizing Guide: HexArmor Glove sizing chart.pdf

Super Cool


I have two pair of Ringers best gloves and they were great in cold weather but I learned during an all day warm weather training that when your hands sweat and you pull off the gloves too fast the liner pulls out and is a major pain to get back in. These gloves are one piece and don't have that problem and are much better when wearing for long periods. That look pretty cool too.



I bought these gloves two weeks after I bought a pair of Shelby's because they were garbage and it was the best decision I could have made. I've had these gloves for a year and a half now and they still perform like they're brand new. The protection is great and they don't limit you in any way.



I am a member of a Technical Rescue Team, our team was issued these gloves last year. Through one weekend of confined space training we had at least 5 guys rip the ""armor"" off the knuckles and numerous other have had stitching and holes in the fabric. Definitely would not recommend. Company was not very helpful when it came to trying to get replacements either.

super good!!!


Ridgeway, SC firefighter recommended them. Glad to have them

great product to own


this is a great product for extrication in vehicles and other things that may hurt your hands doing. the gloves are great and very durable and also a great thing to use while cutting out windows and also cutting apart cars and doing anything else that will cut your hand or harm them. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone that likes my gloves.



I got a three inch splinter through the glove into my hand on the first extrication since getting these gloves. I returned them and got some ringers gloves, I am much happier with the new gloves.

Fall apart quickly


I've had these gloves about a year now, I haven't worn them often, mainly on scenes as utility gloves, rolling hose, pumping, extrication, etc. I'm very disappointed in how fast the fingers fall apart, especially when wet. I would not buy another pair.

Comfortable but the quality hurts them


Simply put, they are comfortable and ofer great knuckle protection, but with two 8 hour days of training probies, I've already worn through the index and middle finder on both gloves

Great auto ex gloves


Love them.

Poor Durability


Bought these gloves just over a year ago. Material between fingers is falling apart and has developed holes in-between them. For the cost I had expected these to last more than a year. With the holes these gloves have become unsafe to use at extrications. I now have to buy a new pair. If this is the way all these gloves are constructed I would not recommend these to my fellow brothers and sisters.