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LION by Thorogood QR14 14" Structural Bunker Boot

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LION by Thorogood’s QR14 bunker boots are built for comfort, durability, and safety.

The flex gussets allow the boot to move with you. 3M™ Scotchlite™ Hi-Vis piping in these waterproof, flame- and cut-resisting leather bunker boots creates a high-visibility look when exposed to direct light.

The aggressive, slip-resisting outsole with 90 degree heel and ladder grips provide exceptional traction on any surface. GORE® CROSSTECH® triple layer moisture barrier is the toughest in the industry, delivering rugged, long-lasting protection that exceeds the requirements of the NFPA 1971 standard.

The composite safety toe, Lenzi L-Protection® insole, and steel triple-rib ladder shank protect your foot from impact, puncture, and the strain of working on ladders. Extra padding in the shin and ankle protects you from ladder rungs and other impacts.

Slip-resistant in all conditions and heat-resistant when the going gets hot, these all-weather NFPA boots don’t quit until you do.

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® triple-layer moisture barrier protects against blood-borne pathogens
  • Waterproof, flame- and cut-resisting leather upper with abrasion-resisting rubber toe
  • Steel Triple-rib Ladder Shank with riveted load spreader provides lateral stability
  • Proprietary Traction Flex outsole
  • NFPA 1971 Certified
  • SHANK: Steel Triple-rib Ladder Shank
  • PROTECTION: NFPA 1971 & ASTM F2413-11
  • WATERPROOF: GORE® CROSSTECH® waterproof lining*
  • HEIGHT: 14”
  • LINING: GORE® CROSSTECH® Waterproof linings*
  • OUTSOLE: Proprietary Traction Flex outsole
  • COLOR: Black
  • Imported
  • FOOTBED: Removable Shock Zone Dual-density polyurethane
  • TOE PROTECTION: Composite Safety Toe

Warranty: All leather LION by Thorogood NFPA products manufactured by Weinbrenner Shoe Company or its authorized distributors are guaranteed to be free of any manufacturing or material defects for a period of one year from date of purchase with the exception of the sole which shall be warranted for the usable life of the boot.  (Normal sole wear is not considered a defect.)  

Decent Boot for the Money


I have had mine for about 2 years and I began purchasing department wide about a year ago. Inside line on mine has come loose and makes a little difficult getting off. Boots are of average comfort and are wearing well. They do seem to run tight on sizing at ankle area. Have a couple members we just could not put them in due to ankle cut. Overall this has proven to be a good boot for the money.

not a fan


had boots for a few weeks they were comfortable but the inside liner ripped and are now useless

Great boot and Battle tested


This boot has been run through the gambet and has come out on top every time. It has yet to fail me and i will buy another set when the time comes.

Great boot !!!


great firefighting boot

Very good boot at a very good price


Our department switched to these boots two years ago. Only two problems from all boots ordered (torn liner, insole problem). Otherwise no complaints. The boots hold up very well to the worst conditions and are very comfortable. You can't beat the price either!!!

Overall good boot!


Good boot. Had them for about a month now. I didn't know what size at first, but it s true to what it says next to tips about it running a half size smaller than your standard boot fit. I wear a 10.5 shoe and a normal width foot. I got a 10M and it fits good even when I wear thick wool socks. They broke in fast too, haven't had any trouble getting them on and off. I took out the insole and put a different one in that I wear in my running shoes to make it feel more athletic. After time of use I plan on putting the regular insoles back in under the insoles I got in now to make them more snug on my feet.

decent boots


Boots were pretty good. Nothing special. The inside liner fell apart in my buddies after two years. Mine were okay, but after wearing some others I switched. These will do the job but footwear is not a place to look for a bargain. The leather held up really well though

i would buy another pair


I ve had these boots for about 4 years and they are holding up pretty well.. I can't complain. Deffinatly better than rubber boots... great price too

buy again


unloading trucks comfortable no comment

great boot at this price point


For this price, its a really great boot. Breaks in easy, nice reflective and good grip. The boot leather seems to age prematurely. If you got the money try the haix hero, globe supreme for comfort. If you like old school hard stiff boots get the honeywell. They feel like marines boots

Decent boot considering


I've had mine for a few years now, they are very comfortable and light. They are warm during those cold Maine winter nights and stable in all ground conditions. I've had the same issue with mine that a few other reviewers have, the liners pull out (maybe Thorogood has fixed this issue?). I think that once the waterproof barrier breaks down that's when all hell breaks loose. I'd definitely buy another pair, maybe half a size bigger. They do run tight in the ankle bend area but seems to work out of that once they are broken in.

Half size too small, just as heavy as rubber


It is stupidly tight at the top of the feet. I thought I would break them in eventually, but that was just wishful thinking. I do not have a wide feet.

Cheap boot.


I purchased boot in April 2017. On Oct. 4 2017 the inside of my right boot heel blew out. I have a pair of globes that lasted 6 years.. Now I am going to go back to globes.

Get rid of the heel lock and they'd be good


Well built boot but fit is terrible. "Heel locking" is too tight, even bought bigger size boot and the heel/ankle part of the boot is still too tight. Even took Hurst mini spreaders to the inside to loosen it up, helped a bit but still difficult to get off my feet. Not fun when trying to doff your bunker pants for a medical and you have to struggle on the ground to take them off.


"What size Calf do they fit ? is there a wide calf model ? I have had 3rd degree burns too both lege's and can't have a boot that is to snug around my calf"

I pulled a pair of these boots out and measured the top the best I could and it looks like they might be about 8 inch's around. I won't say that they will or won't do what you need for them to do, my opinion would be they will rub against your calf once you have them on. The bunker pant leg will push against the boot and collaspe the top around your calf, i hope this helps you.

"Does this boot meet NFPA requirements"

Yes, these boots meet NFPA 1971-2000 standard

"those the boot have steel toe"

No they do not have steel toes

"How true to size are these boots compared to your actual shoe size? I wear a shoe size 10 to 10.5 depending on the shoe? I cannot decide on a 9.5 or 10 for this boot? Also the width as well? Thank you!"

Troyboy, this information is on our web page at the bottom; Not sure about how to choose your size? In general, these boots run about 1/2 size smaller than standard fits. If you have a high instep you may need to move over a width. you are saying that you wear a 10 or 10.5, before i go to a smaller size I would try the size 10 boot, most FF's wear a wide boot, but that's a decision you will have to make. (M= Med, W= Wide, & XW= triple E)


To meet NFPA standards it will have to be waterproof; I copied from their catalog below, UPPER: Black Prime WATERPROOF, FLAME, and Cut-Resisting Leather, Abrasion Resisting Rubber Toe and Heel Protection, 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material

"Why is the liner falling out of a lot of these boots?"

Your going to have to be a little more specific, we don't know of any problems with any liners falling out, if you have a pair of boots with the liner coming out, you need to tell us how old they are, what style they are, are they Thorogood boots, and did they come from here. To our knowledge Thorogood is not having any liner problems! For that matter none of our boots are having liner problems, Globe, Pro Warrington, Haix, Fire Dex, and Black Diamond.

"Is this boot made in the USA?"

Sorry Doug, no it is not

"do they come in pairs or just one ?"

You buy them as a PAIR

"I bought these boots about a years ago I believe I was wondering if there is any type of warranty. When I pull my right foot out of the boot my inside liner comes out with my foot. I was just wondering beside that I have no issues with the boot and enjoy wearing them."

Dan,warranty is 1 year from date of purchase

"I understand these boots are 1/2 size smaller than normal shoes. I wear 8.5 new balance running shoes. Should I go for a pair of 8.5 W. I fear that 9 may be too long"

It's your choice, we can't make that for you. This information is on our web page at the bottom; Not sure about how to choose your size? In general, these boots run about 1/2 size smaller than standard fits. If you have a high instep you may need to move over a width. before i go to a smaller size I would try the size 8.5, most FF's wear a wide boot, but that's a decision you will have to make. (M= Med, W= Wide, & XW= triple E)

"Are these boots slip resistant?"

This info can be found on our web page; hope this is helpful. Vibram FIRE and ICE slip-resisting sole provides all-weather slip resistance and superior traction in ice and snow and is non-marking on indoor surfaces. Ratings for Thorogood's Vibram Fire and Ice Slip Resisting Sole: Abrasion Resistance: A Oil Resistance: A Heat Resistance: B Chip Resistance: B Slip Resistance: A CERTIFICATIONS: Meets NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting. ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75 Composite Safety Toe, Electric Hazard Rated, Tested for and meets CAN/CSA-Z195 Electric Shock Resistance.

"so, if they run "" a 1/2 smaller than standard fit"" should i go up a 1/2 a size or down 1/2 a size. i typically where a size9, normal width shoe?"

Tom, we are not going to tell you what size you should order, that's on you. you can exchange/return these if you are not happy with the fit, please read our return policy before you make a decision,

"Boots seems to fit well going on but are hard to get off. I bought a wide, and was wondering if XW would make much of a difference?"

If the boots haven't been placed into service, free of any wear or tear, and within 45 days of receiving your order you can exchange them for the XW option. We cannot guarantee this will make a difference.

"Is it common for the inner liner of these boots to be torn up pretty bad after a couple years of service. I've really enjoyed this product from day one with fit and comfort. Was wondering if there was any options or are theu just garbage now. Thanks"

Depending upon the type of service your boots have seen some can last a year or two, a few years or in some cases 10 years. The more you wear them and use them the quicker they get worn.