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Leather Front Mounting Bracket for 1044 & 1000 Helmets

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Cairns front holder bracket for models 1000, 1010, 1044 and 880 (new NFPA version).

Includes fasteners to secure fronts in place.

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"Does this product come with the two(2) screws required to mount the front? Is that what is meant by ""fasteners""?"

That's my take on this,

"Will this bracket work for the older style N5A helmet? If not could you provide the dimensions of the bracket. Thank you"

N5A or N6A helmets never had a bracket to attach the front to the helmets. They have 2 studs coming out of the helmets with acorn nuts screwed to the studs. You have to line your front up to the studs and slip the top of the front under the brass holder on the helmets. If you have a N5A or N6A helmet without the 2 studs your going to have to send the helmet to MSA/Cairns to have the studs replaced. That's what they recommend you do, the inner crown on the leather helmets cover the studs on the inside of the helmets and you need special tools to remove the crown to replace the studs.