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Pink Maltese Cross Decal with Pink Ribbon



Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness with this pink Maltese Cross with ribbon decal outlined in white and black.

Available in 2" or 4".

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"Is there a special way to pull the black protection film off the sticker? We've already ripped part of the sticker off to try to get it off."

Hi Stacey, we looked at a 4"" decal here in the office, it looks to us like you need to peel the back paper off and apply the decal to the surface you are going to use, once this is done you need to make sure it is smooth and no air bubbles, then you should be able to peel the clear cover off. If this isn't what you you received can you send us a picture of the decal and we will do some more research here. if you need to send a picture use this email address; bgriffin@thefirestore.com

"Is this one of those stupid BLACK in the daylight stickers ? Yall already sent me one of those and I just wanted one you can see!"

I looked at this in the day light and the only black I could see was the outline, the part number I looked at was SP-337-2, and 337-4, both were pink. Not knowing what you ordered the last time, we have no way of telling if this is the same Stupid Black decal you ordered the last time.