QALO Men's Thin Red Line Silicone Ring

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Working in an environment where the traditional wedding ring is a safety hazard?

The QALO ring is your safe, functional alternative.

QALO (pronounced Kay-Low): makers of the functional wedding ring for the active lifestyle. Inspiring a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment.

In 2012, two friends found themselves newly married, loving their wives but hating their wedding rings. They searched for metal ring replacement that was safe and comfortable, but found none. From there, QALO was born and the rest is history.

When Qalo decided to create the “Thin Red Line” collection, honoring the men and women of the fire community, they wanted to make sure they found a way to give back to those who have given so much to us. That is why Qalo has partnered with the National Fire Firefighters Foundation and 24-7 Commitment to donate 20% of the sales from each ring sold to care for the families of current and fallen firefighters.

Commitment Is Courageous
  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Dimensions: Men’s .87cm wide, .15cm thick Women’s .55cm wide, .15cm thick
  • Tensile Strength: Men’s ~85N Women’s ~76N
  • Elongation: ~489%
  • Non-Conductive
  • Non- Porous
  • Patent Pending
Qalo is always pushing themselves to be the best they can be.  Whether in training, competition, or relationships, Qalo sees every challenge as an opportunity to improve. What WE DO is to inspire a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment.
(Inch / mm)
Qalo SizeUK / AU
1 6/8 (44)14.13F
1 7/8 (48)15.2741 1/2
1 15/16 (49)15.75J 1/2
2 (51)16.15L
2 1/16 (52)16.516M
2 1/8 (53)16.926N
2 3/16 (55)17.357O
2 1/4 (57)18.198Q
2 1/4 (58)18.538Q 1/2
2 5/16 (59)18.899R 1/2
2 3/8 (61)19.419S 1/2
2 7/16 (62)19.8410T 1/2
2 1/2 (63)20.210U 1/2
2 9/16 (65)20.6811V 1/2
2 5/8 (66)21.0811W 1/2
2 11/16 (68)21.4912Y
2 3/4 (69)21.8912Z
2 3/4 (70)22.3313Z+1
2 13/16 (71)22.613Z+1 1/2
2 13/16 (72)22.6914Z+2
2 7/8 (73)22.9214Z+2 1/2
2 15/16 (74)23.0615Z+3
2 15/16 (75)23.2415Z+3 1/2
3 (76)23.4716Z+4
3 (77)23.5516Z+4 1/2


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"How do I know what size to fit his finger?"

There are ring measurement templates that you can find online and measure his finger that way.

"I wear a 1/2 size ring, do you recommend going a size up or down?"

i would say it depends on comfort level. If your a person who wouldn't mind it being a little tight or loose on your finger. The rings are a little stretchy so i would take that into consideration. If it were me, i would go down a size.

"Is there a size chart to know which size to order?"

Yes , the sizing chart is now in the description.