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Scotchlite Tetrahedrons, Pack of 8

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Cut to exact Cairns size. Fits all brands of traditional helmets. Highly Reflective. Available in 3 colors!

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good decal bad delivery


nice decal

Like paper, poor quality


Poor quality and paper thin, spend the extra couple bucks and go for the Reflexite.


"Is this the brand that cairns uses on their helmets? If not can you indicate which brand is used in new cairns products? Thanks"

The standard brand Cairns uses are Reflexlite, not Scotchlite, you can special order the scotchlite for your helmet, if that's what you want our brand will be the same

"do these glow in the dark i am looking for glow in the dark other then fire fox not a fan of the fox on them and if these do not glow do you have any that do other then fire fox"

These are a 3M product that are highly reflective, they meet the NFPA standard for helmet trim. There is no NFPA standard for a glow in the dark tetrahedrons, the only thing on the market for a glow in the dark are the Fox Fire that i'm aware of, sorry

"which of the three has the highest relectivity? (lime, orange/red or the silver? And are there any regulations regarding who can use which color?"

Ok, the NFPA doesn't approve the silver, they only approve the Lime Yellow or the Red Orange, they both meet the NFPA standards for reflective trim, and there are no regulations as to who can use the trim.

"hello, do you have any that come in orange with the silver line in the middle in stock? thank you"

Same answer as we gave you ,or you can purchase a 28"" roll of the P/N 9487 and cut it to fit.

"Are these the same quality that comes on the Cairns helmets?"

Hi Steve, these are a Scotchlite Highly reflective, the style that come on Cairns helmets are a reflexite style, they look as if it has a clear plastic over the color Tetrahedron. Both meet the NFPA standard, some prefer the Scotchlite made by 3M over the reflexite.

"Want to know if the red/orange color is the same as the one I currently have. What I have now is similar to a burnt orange, just less brown.Closer to a orange then red. I am trying to come close to what I currently use. Thank you"

They are closer to a safety orange in color.