Exclusive Wedges, Set of Four



Thermal Plastic Rubber Door and Sprinkler Wedges.

Comes in a 4 pack: 2 yellow and 2 red.

A very handy wedge to carry in your pocket or on your helmet.

Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.5" x 9/16"

Compact wedge, Too Compact


Very lightweight construction, almost too light. Will crease when placed in the hinge side of a heavy door. Needs better reinforcement in the center of the wedge. small and compact. I rubberband 2 together and keep in bunker coat and the other 2 on my helmet. Great sprinkler wedge, tight fit. Only 1"" high and not high enough to catch a front door with a thresh hold.

Too big for some (many?) sprinklers.


Wedges are too small to use as door stops (either under door or above hinges). Wedges are too large for some sprinkler types. After fighting the water spray to get the wedge in to slow/stop a sprinkler, I finally realized it wasn't going in because the wedge is wider than the sprinkler diffuser supports. (BTW, do you know how much water runs down your sleeves if you're working on an overhead sprinkler that's spraying? -Lots!)

too small and not strong enough


Totally useless. These wedges are way too small. If placed on the floor, most doors will pass right over them, if placed on top of a hinge, the door will be open about 6 inches. Avoid this product

nice product for a budget


these wedges are good when you put 550 cord through them and pair them as a door stop. good for sprinkler shut off. with a little force they go in and stay in. good for keeping doors semi closed and unlocked for re entry



I like the plastic component: no sparks, no slivers (I've used wood for years).

too small to chock a door


got these to keep on my helmet to hold open doors. tried them out and theyre way too small to work on doors. haven't tried them on sprinklers but doubt they'll work on them. save your money and cut your own from wood