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Thorogood Lace-In Duty Boot Zippers

$16.99 - $18.59
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A lace-in speed zipper available in black only that can be installed in any Thorogood boot matching the eyelet count. Allows for rapid donning and doffing.

Hellfire NFPA Models

  • 8 Eyelets = NFPA 884-6241
  • 10 Eyelets, 7 inch zipper = NFPA 884-6441
  • 10 Eyelets, 8 inch zipper = NFPA 884-6541
  • 11 Eyelets = NFPA 884-6341

Uniform (Non – NFPA) Model

  • 6 Eyelets = Non-NFPA 884-6002
  • 8 Eyelets = Non-NFPA 884-6001
  • 9 Eyelets = Non-NFPA 884-6641

Ratings & Reviews

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You get what you pay for...


I bought these for my station boots because of ease of use and speed of getting boots on. They were easy to lace into the boots, the leather is quality, but the zipper failed after about a month of use. These are the second pair of these I have purchased, and the zippers failed in both cases in less than a couple of months. YKK zippers are usually very good, but for some reason, these do not hold. Also, the velcro zipper retainers are too short too effectively hold the zipper. I recommend paying a little more for better quality.

Not what I was expection


I bought the Thorogood lace in zippers for my Danner Acadia boots because of recommendations from a google search. Instructions say to match the eyelet count. Found the zipper to be too short for my boots. The eyelets are too closely spaced and doesn't go to the top of the boot. Maybe I will be able to use these in another pair of boots.





"what is the difference in nfpa and non nfpa"

The only thing I see is that they are showing the non NFPA model zippers are for their new Commando boot which isn't NFPA, their other boots meet either the NFPA Structural or NFPA Wildland standards

"What is the difference---non nfpa and 3nfpa ? I have regular work boots 8 hole. thanks Dan"

The difference between the NFPA and Non-NFPA is in the LACES, NFPA Laces are made out of KEVLAR, and the non NFPA are just their normal material for the laces that we (everyone) uses in their shoes everyday run of the mill type.

"do i count the holes on both sides or just one side i have 8 on one side thanks."

The 8 on one side is correct you need a 8 hole zipper

"Which one do I order if I have 9 Eyelets for the wildland/ems boot."

we researched all of our boot mfg and no one had a 9 eyelet Zipper. Do you have a Thorogood boot now that your replacing the zipper or someone else's boot? I looked at Pro Warrington, Globe, Lion, Haix, Black Diamond, & Thorogood boots nothing.

"i have a NEW set of boots 5.11 speed 2.0 5"" boot. Will this zipper fit my boot if not please tell me what will thank you John Jack"

The 5"" speed boots does not have a side zip. Only the 8"" version does so the zipper will not fit those boots.

"what do I get for a 6 eyelet duty boot"

If you have a pair of Thorogood 804-6002 boots you need a pair of 884-6002 6 eyelet zippers

"I have a pair of Matterhorn model 1949 boots. It has 11 eyelets. Which style of boot zippers do I need for them? Thank You"

This is listed at the bottom of our web page; 6 Eyelet for 804-6002 Boot = 884-6002 - 8 Eyelet for Model, 804-6381 8"" Boot = 884-6241 - 10 Eyelet for Model, 804-6391 10"" Boot = 884-6441 - 11 Eyelet for Model = 884-6341

"I just ordered a pair of the Danner Recon boots which have 10 eyelets. Do you know if the 10 eyelet version fits this model of boot? Thank you."

Mark, if the zipper has 10 eyelets it shouldn't matter who the boot manufacturer is

"What are the actual length of these?"

Pedro, it doesn't make a difference how long they are you need to match the zipper to the correct amount of eyelets on your boot. Hellfire NFPA Models 8 Eyelets = NFPA 884-6241 10 Eyelets = NFPA 884-6441 11 Eyelets = NFPA 884-6341 Uniform (Non - NFPA) Model 8 Eyelets = Non-NFPA 884-6001

"I have the Thorogood 10"" HellFire Wildland Front Zip Boot. Which Product Number do I need to select to replace my broken zipper?"

JP, it looks like you should order a pair of P/N 884-6341, for a boot with 11 eyelets, we normally stock this item

"Is this genuine leather, synthetic leather or some other synthetic material?"

Yes these are genuine leather,

"I have 5.11 ATAC 8 inch Storm WP boots with 7 eyelets. Which would be the correct zipper for these boots? The side zippers do not open wide enough to pull the boots on easily, so I want to add a zipper in front."

DJ, I researched all the boots that we sell, and could find no one that had a 7 eyelet zipper, next best thing to try would be a 8 eyelet zipper and line up with your boot and skip the odd eyelet. Not 100% sure this will work but don't know what else to tell you that might help.

"I have a HAIX duty boot with eight eyelets. The first four eyelets starting from the toe are standard, the next four leading to the top are the type that are open to where you rap the lace around the outer part of the outlet. Can the zipper still be used on this boot?"

We don't think so, did you look at the Haix web site? Look at this site """" see if there's something there for you to try

"How many come per order. Trying to order a pair."

They are sold as 1 per package, you need a pair order 2

"I have THOROGOOD: MEN'S 8"" POWER EMS/WILDLAND, NFPA DUAL-CERTIFIED EMS/STATION BOOT, WATERPROOF, SAFETY TOE - 11 M 804-6379-110M. These boots have 9 eyes and need to replace the Zippers. I ordered Thorogood: Lace-In Duty Boot Zippers - 9 Eye Zippers Fire Non-NFPA 884-6641 and are quite short. These zippers have 9 eyes, but are spaced fare closer together than the boots. Which Zippers do I need to order?"

You need the 884-6642 laces. Please call 800-852-6088 to order these.

"I have a pair of side-zip Bates boots with 4 eyelets (3 bottom & one top) with 3 pass through retainers between the bottom and top eyelets. Will a 7 eyelet pair fit these boots?"

We do not think those will fit those boots.