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Thorogood Non-NFPA 7 Eyelet Boot Lace-In Duty Zipper, Black.



A lace-in speed zipper available only in black that can be installed in any boot matching the eyelet count. Allows for rapid donning and doffing. Fits Lady Commando Boots and others.

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Nice concept


I couldn't follow the directions given on the box, or even the ones I could find on the internet, but noticed that if I had, I wouldn't be able to pull the sides of the boot close enough together to get a tight fit. I tried lacing it directly over the holes but the look was kind of ridiculous and it was still hard to tighten up. I gave up and returned the product even though the shipping costs back and forth made this a worthless gesture.

Lace-in boot zippers


Very useful. I do wish, however, that lace-in instructions were included in the package.


"Are the zippers plactic or metal? Tell me about shipping please."

The zippers are metal, what about the shipping? Are you asking what the cost is for shipping will be? Approx $10.00 depending on how they are being shipped shouldn't be more than that.

"how do i lace them into boot?"

Ray, we are going to send you 2 separate e mails with lacing instructions, 1 will be for a tight fit, and the 2nd will be for a loose fit.

"I just want to make sure that this zipper only has 7 eyelets on each side (14 total). The picture shows 8. My boots only have 7 eyelets so I want to make sure they will fit."

Mike, you need part number 584-6002, don't use the picture on the web site/page as a reference to what you need that's just a picture in general

"Are these sold as pairs or do I need to purchase two?"

Danny they are sold in pairs

"when ordering this product do you need to order two or is it already sold as a pair?????"

Sold as a pair

"Do these include 4 laces, one for each side of both boots?"

Jim 1 lace per zipper,

"What is the overal length of the 584-6002 boot zippers. I want to know if they'll fit my Bates GX8 Tactical boots. Thank you"

These are about 6"".