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Active Shooter Kits Now Available from GideonTactical

As current events have clearly shown, an alarming nationwide trend is on the rise: active-shooter incidents involving rifle threats. In response, GideonTactical has developed a new product designed to address and prepare for these scenarios: the Active Shooter Kit.
During active-shooter situations, law enforcement officers will most likely be among the first to respond, usually protected only by an SBA concealable vest that is rated for handgun-round protection only. To combat the dangers of rifle threats, additional protection is crucially important.
“Law enforcement officers are facing threats they’ve never seen before,” according to GideonTactical Merchandising Specialist Mac Brostrom. “Threats from rifles can defeat concealable armor, so there is a real need for the kit.”
The Active Shooter kit features a Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier and two Armor Express Level IV Single Curve Standalone Plates. This excellent combination is specifically designed to offer rifle-threat protection at the absolute best price.
The Modular Operator Plate Carrier features MOLLE webbing and modular platforms on all sides for functionality in addition to operator-cut front and back harnesses for mobility. It is capable of accepting up to 10-inch by 13-inch front and back plates and up to 6-inch by 8-inch side-panel plates. The Level IV Single Curve Standalone Plates offer the maximum ballistic protection against potential rifle threats. These ergonomical and efficient shooter’s cut plates greatly reduce spalling and can effectively stop .30-06 M2 AP (.30 caliber military armor-piercing) ammo at 2,880 ft/s.
Some additional features of the Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier include:
  • an emergency drag handle
  • detachable shoulder pads
  • side release buckles on the shoulders along with an internal waist strap
  • easily accessible ballistic plates with pull-down flaps
  • an adjustable, detachable cummerbund with pockets designed to accommodate side armor
  • lightly padded mesh on front and back harnesses designed for comfort and airflow
Additional features of the Armor Express Level IV Single Curve Standalone Plate include:
  • size: 10 inches by 12 inches
  • constructed of alumina ceramic / woven aramid composite, covered with black polyester
  • weight: 8 pounds
  • thinness: 74 inches
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