Whether you are starting your team's drone program or enhancing your current program, Autel drones are the right choice.


  • Monitor progress of suppression operations
  • Identify hot spots
  • Remotely assess hazardous materials
  • Use spotlights for illumination at night
  • Detect and locate victims trapped in a fire or structure collapse
  • Early detection of wild fires
  • Enhance after action reports and fire investigations with aerial photographs

Law Enforcement

  • Monitor critical incidents from above
  • Approach and assess downed suspects or suspicious objects remotely
  • Discreet aerial surveillance
  • Patrol restricted areas
  • Track fleeing suspects
  • Traffic accident reconstruction
  • Quicker to deploy and more affordable than a helicopter


  • Cover more ground faster
  • Access difficult to reach areas
  • Reduce risk to rescue teams navigating through dangerous environments
  • Use thermal imaging to spot victims day or night
  • Record the harm caused to buildings and public facilities in a natural disaster
  • Enhance situational awareness during a rescue
  • Use multiple drones to search autonomously

Evo II Pro 6K RTK

  • Flight time of up to 40 minutes!
  • Foldable and lightweight, making it easy to transport.
  • Autonomous flight modes such as Orbit, Waypoint, and Follow Me.


  • Starlight night vision for unparalleled visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Zoom AND thermal cameras
  • Full Laser Ranging for accurate distance measurement

Evo II Dual 640T

  • Versatile for different missions
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance technology helps prevent collisions
  • An ergonomic controller and intuitive user interface make flying the EVO II easy and efficient

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