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Boston Leather Universal Radio Holder

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A custom looking holder at universal pricing!

A NEW look for the Boston Leather "Universal" fit leather holder. Radios fit securely into the frame. Two D-Rings are attached for easy attachment to your leather radio strap.
  • Keep your radio secure and organized
  • Holder top opening size approx: 1.5" by 3.25"
  • A top elastic strap allows many types of radios to fit securely
  • Motorola XTS 1500, 5000
  • Motorola APX
  • EF Johnson / Ascend 5100
  • Maxcom P5100, P7100
  • Kenwood 5300


Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

Excellent fit


This case was bought for my Kenwood TK5210 P25 radio

Nice Case


This case does not fit the following Kenwood radios: TK-290/390 TK-2180/3180 NX-200/300

boston leather is the way to go


Great product with fast shipping. Thank You

amazing case


I use the product every weekend on shift. Fits the Apx 6000 and 7000. Had the case for over a year now and shows no sign of wear and tear.

Falling Apart After a Year and a Half


I have had this radio holster for a little over a year and a half and it is already tearing at the edges. Can no longer use it because I'm afraid the radio is going to fall off out soon. Not well made at all.

Needed the update!!


My old radio holder was for a different model while I was still a firefighter. Now the I volunteer with the local Police Dept I was able to continue using my old radio carrier when I didn't want to wear a duty belt

Not a proper fit.


This is advertised to fit a XTS2500, however it does not sit properly in the case and the front is too high to allow viewing of the screen.


"Does this item come with the actual shoulder strap or is this just the radio holder itself?"

Hi Nick. This is just the holder. We've got combo kits here: http://www.thefirestore.com/store/category.aspx/categoryId/721/Exclusive-Strap-and-Holder-Combo-Kits-/

"I was wondering what the dimensions of the case are? Overall Height/Width/Depth; and also what the inside height is. Thank you"

Overall 5.75"", 2.0"" deep, 5.50"" inside height

"what Boston Leather strap & anti sway strap are compatible with this Holder. thank you ryan"

Ryan, all of them

"Can this product be used with a Motorola APX 6000 with the extended life battery?"

Direct from Boston Leather; We are currently working on a radio holder for the APX 6000, but have nothing available right now, including any extended battery models. Thank you,

"Will My Motorola SP-50 Fit In Here?"

I didn't see a listing for your SP-50 radio, there are 2 universal radio holders listed I will give you their sizes maybe that will help you pick a holder; 5481-RC-E Inside width 2.9"", Front height 4"" back height 6"" 5487-RC Inside Width adjustable (Velcro) 2.2"" - 4"", Height front and rear 5"" both have elastic straps with button snap closure

"Will This Radio Holder work with the Kenwood TK290 Portable radios??"

This is a universal holder, and I can't swear to it that your Kenwood will fit, Boston Leather offers 2 other universal, 5487RC and a 5487RC-5. I don't see a listing for your radio so I can't say for sure one way or the other.

"Will this work with the ht750 or ht1250 by motorola?"

Dan, I sent you a email with the Boston Leather Chart for radios attached.

"will it fit a hytera tc 780"

Eric, we will send you a sizing chart

"Will this work with a Kenwood TK2170?"

Jarred, i'm sending you a sizing chart from Boston Leather, it's 2 pages if you don't see your model radio on page 2 it lists all of the sizes and that should be of help to you.

"will this fit a kenwood tk 3207?"

Moser, I'm sending you a separate e mail with the Boston Leather sizing charts, should be 2 pages.

"Will this case work for a motorola ht1250"

We think it would work, but not 100% positive, so we are sending you a copy of the Boston Leather sizing chart in a separate e mail

"Will the Boston Leather universal radio holder work with the Yaesu FT-270R model radio? (Or any other models as well)"

We are going to send you a Boston Leather sizing chart in a separate e mail, be on the look out for it.

"Will this item work with the Motorola CP200?"

Mike it's possible this will work, we will send you a separate e mail with Boston Leather sizing chart and measurements for you to compare

"Will this fit your standard Bendix King Radio?"

Medic Mike, we will send you 2 pages of sizing sheets for you to look at, this will be in a separate e mail, keep an eye out for it.

"Will this case fit a Motorola Ht750 radio?"

Chris, I think this will work for you, but I'm going to send you a separate e mail with Boston Leather sizing chart, and you will be able to check the sizes vs. you radio

"Will this work with my Motorola HT1250? I see your answers below, but I don't have the sizing chart myself, could you send me one? Thank You!"

Nick, we'll send you a copy in a separate e mail

"Will it fit a Motorola HT-1250"

Chris we will send this to you in a separate e mail

"Will this case work for a motorola ht1250"

yes I just ordered one and got it yesterday it fits perfect.

"can this fit a scanner like the uniden bc75xlt"

Richie we can tell you this it wasn't meant to be, that's not saying it won't, but neither is it saying it will. we don't know.

"DO you/can you engrave the leather with my name?"

Sorry Big Ross, we don't do engraving.