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Blackinton Badges

Design A Custom Blackinton Badge.  Highest Quality Firefighter & Police Badges

Design your your own Blackinton police, sheriff, fire, or paramedic badges.  Select a  stock design, or browse over 1,000 styles.  We allow you to customize as needed.  Make sure you pick up a badge case.
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Emergency Medical Services Badge Pin Emergency Medical Services Badge Pin
MSRP: $3.25
Our Price: $2.93
2 in stock!
Fire Dept. Badge Pin Fire Dept. Badge Pin
MSRP: $3.99
Our Price: $3.49
(Out of Stock)
Side Open Badge Case Side Open Badge Case
MSRP: $29.99
Our Price: $21.95
(Out of Stock)
Snap Closure Badge Holder Snap Closure Badge Holder
MSRP: $11.99
Our Price: $10.49
(Out of Stock)
Clip On Badge Holder Oval Clip On Badge Holder Oval
MSRP: $11.99
Our Price: $10.49
(Out of Stock)
Clip On Badge Holder Round Clip On Badge Holder Round
MSRP: $9.95
Our Price: $6.19
4 in stock!
Custom Blackinton Badges

History of Blackinton

Dating all the way back to 1852, Blackinton has 164 years of manufacturing experience and excellence right here in the United States. They initially made hair accessories, women’s buckles and men’s cuff links until they were commissioned during the Civil War to produce military insignia. Over time, Blackinton became a major designer of badges and insignia for police and fire departments.

Blackinton Badges Lead the Industry

Blackinton is truly an industry leader in custom badges for firefighters, police officers, EMS and EMTs with its core values embracing tradition combined with fine craftsmanship and artistry. They take pride in using the latest technology available to continue to produce high-quality products our public servants can depend on year after year. They are committed to producing products made in the USA and every step of the Blackinton Badge production process occurs under one roof in Massachusetts.

Blackinton Design-a-Badge Program

Designing a custom Blackinton badge for your department is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Check out these simple steps:

  1. Select a Blackinton badge category that includes custom badges for firefighters, police officers, and EMTs. Design choices include badges with eagles, 5-7 point star badges, oval badges, inauguration badges, mini-badges, and more.
  2. Select a specific badge within your category.
  3. Begin to custom build your badge by choosing options for the attributes including finish, enamel type, lettering style, custom engraving text for tabs, type of attachment, and quantity needed.
If you have any questions or need help designing a custom firefighter, police or EMT badge, the team of customer care experts at ourdesigns.com are just a phone call away!

Blackinton QuickShip Badges

Typically processing time for a personalized Blackinton badge is 3-4 weeks. However, Blackinton has come up with a program that features some of their most popular designs of police, fire, and sheriff badges that will ship from the factory within 5 days of the order’s receipt, or the badges are FREE. Ourdesigns.com is an authorized QuickShip Badge retailer that can help get your department outfitted with custom badges in no time. Blackinton maintains their promise of high-quality badges for their customers because they have dedicated an entire floor of their manufacturing process to this program and employ a team of personnel who only work on the QuickShop Badges. To contribute to an efficient and streamlined process, Blackinton offers specific options for these badges as follows:

  • Finish Options: Nickel, Gold Plate, Rhodium
  • Attachment Options: None, Safety Catch, Wallet Clip, Screw Back
  • Lettering Options: Available in Roman or Block
  • Enamel Colors: Blue, red, black, green, or brown
  • Seal Options: Available for in-stock seals only. These include:

    • Fire and law enforcement seals
    • Full color regular enamel state seals
    • Black or Blue (SecureShift state seals are not included) regular enamel rimed state seals
    • All fire-rank insignia (1-5 horns); red or blue regular enamel background or plain.
    • Fire scrambles in red or blue regular enamel background or plain.

Personalized Blackinton badges for firefighters, police officers, EMS, and EMTS are a trusted choice for departments across the country. Their handcrafted badges are produced for your order with one-of-a-kind artistry that can’t be beat. It’s this pride and promise that will guarantee your satisfaction and keep your fire, police, or EMS department returning to Blackinton for another 164 years.