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Enhance Safety by Reducing Distracted Driving With the Magnetic Mic

Coatesville, PA: OfficerStore now features an innovative product that will help law enforcement professionals stay focused on the road when picking up and returning their radio mics to their holders when driving: the Magnetic Mic.

As an easy-to-install alternative to a conventional, metal, hang-up mic clip, the Magnetic Mic consists of a magnetic base designed for a dashboard or a console along with a disc-shaped microphone adapter for the mic itself. The Magnetic Mic is compatible with virtually all CB and police radio systems and functions as an easy-to-use conversion kit, which allows law enforcement professionals to focus on safely driving when picking up or returning a CB or police radio mic to its holder.

“The Magnetic Mic is an interesting, unique product that has garnered significant interest from our customers,” according to OfficerStore Merchandising Specialist Mac Brostrom. “This prompted us to bring it on as one of our product offerings.”

Designed for universal compatibility, the Magnetic Mic’s microphone adapter is expertly engineered and machined. It is equipped with a slotted metal disc that easily and securely locks onto the back of existing microphones.

“The Magnetic Mic’s intelligent design makes it simple to use and install,” Brostrom said. “It is way easier to use than the mic clips that have been in use for the past several decades.”

The Magnetic Mic is constructed of sturdy, durable aerospace-grade materials, and thanks to its sleek, unibody construction, you won’t have to worry about sharp edges. Install its magnetic base piece anywhere within reach, including in locations traditionally considered less-than-optimal, such as the passenger side of a center console.

“This is one of those products that once law enforcement professionals start using it, it will largely go unnoticed,” Brostrom said. “The ease and simplicity of use will definitely be less distracting to them when driving. It’s amazing it took so long for someone to invent it.”

Regardless, if a radio system functions with an on-hook/off-hook setting, switches to a private line, or scans when hung up, the Magnetic Mic can easily accommodate to these scenarios and be ready-for-use. Additionally, there are multiple configurations available:

the single-unitconversion kit includes:
  • one magnetic base piece
  • one slotted metal disc adapter
  • a set of mounting hardware
  • a hex key
  • installation and safety instructions
the bulk pack includes:
  • twenty-five magnetic base pieces
  • twenty-five slotted metal disc adapters
  • twenty-five sets of mounting hardware
  • twenty-five hex keys
  • installation and safety instructions
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