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Extinguish All Excuses and Train with BlastMasks®, Now Available from TheFireStore

Coatesville, PA: TheFireStore, the leading source for firefighting equipment and supplies, is excited to now offer BlastMask® Training Regulators that are specially designed to dramatically improve firefighters’ tactical preparedness.

Along with the selfless bravery and pride that are inexorably associated with the firefighting profession, the degenerative effects of time and abuse (both physical and physiological) also pose ever-present dangers to firefighters: More than 50 percent of line-of-duty deaths (LODD) and 30 percent of firefighter injuries are directly attributable to overexertion, stress, or a general lack of fitness. Therefore, it is no secret that a LODD caused by a cardiac-related event, such as a myocardial infarction, is not an unfamiliar occurrence in the fire-service industry.

“Firefighters need to be prepared for anything and constantly train to be effective,” according to BlastMask® COO and Co-Founder Collin Blasingame, who is also a Captain at the Garland Fire Dept. “Before you run into the burning house to make the save, you must train as frequently and realistically as possible. You only get one shot at the best outcome on the worst day.”

For these reasons, it is exceedingly important that firefighters continuously work to improve their cardiovascular fitness. BlastMask® Training Regulators are effective tools for accurately replicating the physical demands of the fireground or conducting fitness and training exercises – either with or without self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) packs.

“We take a lot of pride in not only being able to cover disaster scenarios, but also being aggressive interior firefighters,” Blasingame said. “That led us to training in our SCBAs, on-air, at the station on a regular basis. Our desire to train drove us to create BlastMask® Training Regulators.”
BlastMask® Training Regulators are constructed of durable polycarbonate resin, which offers the same high-impact resistance and strength found in law enforcement riot gear and ballistic vests. To use it, simply attach it to the facepiece of your MSA G1 or Scott SCBA in order to accurately simulate real-world SCBA breathing without draining your cylinders. While wearing them, you can get immediate access to full air with an easy air bypass valve – similar to the one found on your SCBA regulator – with a quick turn of a knob.

“Firefighter health is at the forefront of the industry right now,” according to TheFireStore Merchandising Specialist and volunteer firefighter Amanda Gooding. “Firefighters need to train and be ready to respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice.”

The department’s financial health will also greatly benefit from using BlastMask® Training Regulators: Firefighters won’t be using invaluable manpower and time to refill SCBA bottles. This will allow the department’s resources to be readily available for actual emergencies, while avoiding costly wear-and-tear damage to expensive SCBA regulators.

“Using BlastMask® Training Regulators is a great way to elevate firefighter-related training,” Gooding said. “We wear our SCBAs all the time on calls and during training. While we train our muscles all the time, we might not always be breathing air to train our lungs. We as firefighters need to strive to take better care of ourselves to make it so we can take better care of our neighbors, live, and then go home to our own families.”

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