Nightstick Safety Light/Flashlight

Nightstick Safety Light/Flashlight

Nightstick Safety Light/Flashlight Nightstick Flashlights
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Nightstick Safety Light/Flashlight

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made to clip onto a nightstick?


this does not clip onto a nightstick. This is a flashlight does have a magnetic clip to attach it to things.

we have purchased these in the past with a yellow traffic wand. I do not see the traffic wand. is it listed separately somewhere.


Glenn, there is no wand to go with this light, you order it with the color you want. Amber is the closest there is to yellow, are you sure your looking at the correct light. Our web page doesn't show anything like a wand for this model light.


In the 2 color iteration, i.e., red/blue, do the colors flash alternating or both colors at one time?


Dan, on our web page you will see there are options for you to choose from, one of those is Flashing or Alternating