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Exclusive Reflective Helmet Tetrahedron Star of Life Paramedic



Just another Paramedic tet for your helmet? Guess again!

Black reflective by day, but when direct light hits this decal in darkness, the white and blue light up for brilliant and safe reflective visibility. Replace those old tetrahedrons with the best color on black decal technology.

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Not quite what I expected


It is so dark that it cannot be read in normal lighting. Unless the light hits it just right it's completely black.


"So to be clear, were I to put this on my helmet, I would not be identifiable as a paramedic in normal daylight operations or in regular visability day/night operations. Only if a high power light is employed will I become easily identifiable as the location paramedic? Added question, how powerful does the light source have to be? Headlights? Search light with 300,000+ candle watt power? Though I have to say the decal itself appeals were it easily identifiable any time day or night and had it a reflective component with light application adding to my safety and ease of identification pre, during and post incident, if this is indeed completely black then safety personnel on locations would be insensed at not being able to have proper identification of the critical medical authority on location with maximum ease and safety. I might see this as good for tactical, but depending onyour answers, I would pass wide of this. Looking forward to the answers."

This Tet can be used in conjunction with other tets but not as a single definative demarcation element. Your assessment is correct, this tet is black without the influence of a direct light source from a beam of light. It will illuminate from a standard flashlight; doesn't have to be a fancy high end light. The more light cast upon it the more illuminated the decal becomes.

"NFPA Approved to be put on a helmet??"

Chris, To our knowledge there are only 2 ""decals"" that are NFPA approved to be added to a helmet; they are the ""Tetrahedrons"" that come out of the factory when a helmet is made, Lime Yellow or Red Orange are the only acceptable colors also. everything else is ginger that people add to their helmet, hope this has answered your question